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Class 10 – English

Course Curriculum

First Flight
1. A Letter To God 00:00:00
2.Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom 00:00:00
A Tiger In The Zoo 00:00:00
3.Two Stories about Flying 00:00:00
A. His First Flight, B. Black Aeroplane 00:00:00
The Ball Poem 00:00:00
4.From the Diary of Anne Frank 00:00:00
Amanda! 00:00:00
5.The Hundred Dresses–I 00:00:00
6.The Hundred Dresses–II 00:00:00
Animals 00:00:00
7.Glimpses of India – A Baker from Goa, Coorg, Tea from Assam 00:00:00
The Trees 00:00:00
8.Mijbil the Otter; 00:00:00
Fog 00:00:00
9.Madam Rides the Bus 00:00:00
The Tale of Custard the Dragon 00:00:00
10.The Sermon At Benares 00:00:00
For Anne Gregory 00:00:00
11.The Proposal 00:00:00
Footprints Without Feet: Supplementary Reader
1.A Triumph of Surgery 00:00:00
2.The Thief’s Story 00:00:00
3.The Midnight Visitor 00:00:00
4.A Question Of Trust 00:00:00
5.Footprints Without Feet 00:00:00
6.The Making of A Scientist 00:00:00
7.The Necklace 00:00:00
8.The Hack Driver 00:00:00
9.Bholi 00:00:00
10.The Book That Saved The Earth 00:00:00

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