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Class 11 – English

Course Curriculum

1.The Portrait of a Lady 00:00:00
The Photograph 00:00:00
2.We’re Not Afraid to Die… if We Can All Be Together 00:00:00
3.Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues 00:00:00
Poem- The Laburnum Top 00:00:00
4.Landscape of the Soul 00:00:00
Poem-The Voice of the Rain 00:00:00
5.The Ailing Planet: The Green Movement’s Role 00:00:00
6.The Browning Version 00:00:00
Poem- Childhood 00:00:00
7.The Adventure 00:00:00
8.Silk Road 00:00:00
Poem- Father to Son 00:00:00
1.The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse 00:00:00
2.The Address 00:00:00
3.Ranga’s Marriage 00:00:00
4.Albert Einstein at School 00:00:00
5.Mother’s Day 00:00:00
6.The Ghat of the Only World 00:00:00
7.Birth 00:00:00
8.The Tale of Melon City 00:00:00
Note – making 00:00:00
Summarising 00:00:00
Sub – titling 00:00:00
Essay – writing 00:00:00
Letter – writing 00:00:00
Creative Writing 00:00:00

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