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Class 3 – Maths

Course Curriculum

1.Where to Look From 00:00:00
2.Fun with Numbers 00:00:00
3.Give and Take 00:00:00
4.Long and Short 00:00:00
5.Shapes and Designs 00:00:00
6.Fun with Give and Take 00:00:00
7.Time Goes On……. 00:00:00
8.Who is Heavier? 00:00:00
9.How Many Times? 00:00:00
10.Play with Patterns 00:00:00
11.Jugs and Mugs 00:00:00
12.Can We Share? 00:00:00
13.Smart Charts! 00:00:00
14.Rupees and Paise 00:00:00

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