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Class 9 – English

Course Curriculum

1.The Fun They Had 00:00:00
The Road Not Taken 00:00:00
2.The Sound of Music 00:00:00
Wind 00:00:00
3.The Little Girl 00:00:00
Rain on The Roof 00:00:00
4.A Truly Beautiful Mind 00:00:00
The Lake Isle of Innisfree 00:00:00
5.The Snake and the Mirror 00:00:00
A Legend of The Northland 00:00:00
6.My Childhood 00:00:00
No Men are Foreign 00:00:00
7.Packing 00:00:00
Duck and Kangaroo 00:00:00
8.Reach for The Top 00:00:00
On Killing A Tree 00:00:00
9.The Bond of Love 00:00:00
The Snake 00:00:00
10.Kathmandu 00:00:00
A Slumber Did My Spirit Deal 00:00:00
11.If I Were You 00:00:00
1.The Lost Child 00:00:00
2.The Adventures of Toto 00:00:00
3.Iswaran the Storyteller 00:00:00
4.In the Kingdom of Fools 00:00:00
5.The Happy Prince 00:00:00
6.Weathering the Storm in Ersama 00:00:00
7.The Last Leaf 00:00:00
8.A House is Not a Home 00:00:00
9.The Accidental Tourist 00:00:00
10.The Beggar 00:00:00

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